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My Work

Content Marketing

At LV, I manage content marketing campaigns across all properties. From 2022-2023, I built out robust libraries of 60+ resources per property in 5 markets, answering all of the questions that potential tenants have about finding housing in their market. This resulted in a consistent increase in web traffic across properties, showing MoM organic growth. Click the images below to explore the learning centers.

Case Studies

Through insightful case studies, I showcase LV Collective's project successes, detailing the challenges faced, strategic approaches taken, and substantial outcomes achieved. These narratives highlight the efficacy and value of our collaborative solutions, further driving business growth and enhancing our digital presence.

LV Case Studies

SEO Strategy

I lead SEO strategies for LV corporate and property websites, boosting online visibility and organic traffic. I utilize keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building to elevate website rankings across our corporate and property websites.

Keyword Performance, Rambler ATX

Website Management

I oversee the LV corporate and property websites, ensuring they're user-friendly, updated, and optimized for SEO. I also create, implement, and monitor property website KPIs. Working closely with developers, I conduct QA and implement improvements to enhance UX and boost engagement.

LV Collective

Email Campaigns

I manage email campaigns across all LV properties, including newsletters, seasonal promos, lead nurturing and more. I collaborate with our in-house graphic designer to produce visually appealing, educational, and persuasive content. 

HubSpot CRM Admin

As a seasoned HubSpot expert, I harness the platform's full potential to drive impactful digital marketing campaigns and automation strategies. I deliver insights, best practices, and training while managing inbound marketing and automation techniques.

Paseo Groundbreaking Event

To celebrate the groundbreaking of Paseo, I, in collaboration with the CMO, spearheaded an event for partners and friends of the company. The event drew 100+ guests and featured:

  • Custom designed event invitations

  • LV-branded napkins, table cover, and shovels 

  • Custom signage by Shorty's Wraps

  • Live music performed by Texas String Assembly

  • Seven speakers

  • Catering by Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden

Moontower Artist Residency Program

I spearheaded the inaugural Artist in Residence Program at Moontower, our apartment community in Phoenix, AZ, leading it from conception to execution. My role involves:

  • Developing project proposal and budget

  • Implementing Award Force software for an efficient applicant screening process

  • Developing comprehensive communications and marketing materials for the program

  • Conducting monthly calls with artist residents

  • Overseeing the planning and execution of artist events, along with corresponding communications and marketing efforts

The residency provides selected artists with rent-free living at Moontower. Artists in the program host public events, engage with the Moontower community through social media, and will submit a portfolio of work completed throughout the program. In my role, I not only ensure the smooth operation of the program but also witnessed firsthand the vibrant creativity it fostered within the Moontower community.

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